Monday, September 24, 2012


So, over the summer I found a new hobby: Dumpster Diving. Okay, not REALLY, but close… sort of…


One morning in July, I was taking a jog around the neighborhood and I noticed that my neighbors were placing un-wanted items in front of their houses.  The upcoming weekend was our neighborhood’s monthly “Curbside Trash Pick Up.” Most people put stuff like trimmed tree branches or other un-usable things, but THIS week there were some incredible treasures on people’s curb! I noticed one lady pushing a few strollers to her curb and as I got closer I noticed one was a Jeep stroller and the other a Bob stroller. {I thought to myself – wow, I think these might be worth something?!} So, I asked her if she was really trying to get rid of them and she responded by saying YES, that her family didn’t need them anymore.

Um… what?! Really? You’re just going to THROW them away…?

So, I just keep  jogging and I notice a nice office desk chair just sitting on the side walk by the curb.


I ran fast to get home, got in my little Ford Escape, and went back to pick these treasures up!

I listed them on Craig’s list and sold them in a day without having to do anything to them. The stroller sold for $25 and the chair sold for $50!



So, this began my new favorite hobby… “dumpster diving” as I like to call it, ha!


A few days later I was driving through a neighborhood on my way home and I noticed an antique, beat up, old desk.

You better BELIEVE I loaded that little beauty into my SUV all by myself and brought it home! I used the $75 dollars I made from the first two Craig’s List sells to buy supplies to refinish the desk! And, here she is. The before and after…


PicMonkey Collage TEXT


I just LOVE it. The only problem is that my ORIGINAL intention was to fix it up, then sale it on Craig’s List for some extra cash. Except, once I finished it, I just loved it too much to give it away! So, it now sits happily in our front green room and serves as my “work” desk at home. It is filled with all things speech pathology, so fun-right?!


Here you’ll see that the top was in pretty bad shape…


I spent a few hours peeling away the original finish. After that, I sanded it down and then re-stained it! I spray painted the white paint and distressed the edges with my sander. I bought new hardware at Home Depot. And, voila – good as new. Smile 


And, somehow…someway… between my (now) THREE jobs, I found time to put out a few Autumn decorations!  I think it was just my way of un-winding after a crazy week…and, I’ll say, it was certainly fun!


I’ll have to show you our version of pumpkin spice  & the crisp feelings of Fall at our house SOON…come back to visit!


Happy Dumpster Diving! Smile


  1. You, my dear, are too creative. I love it!

  2. I just love reading about all your craftiness!!

  3. Omg - what a GREAT find! This post made me smile... one of my favorite pieces of furniture was found outside of an apartment complex on 10th street while we were still down at Baylor. Next to the dumpster. What!? It didn't take me 5 seconds to load it up in Bo's car!

    Re-finishing furniture is so much fun, and your desk looks great! Love it!