Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dining Room

Our little dining room has been an ongoing project since we moved into our house a year ago.  At first it was completely empty.  And then, Kyle’s grandmother graciously gave us her lovely wooden table that has been in the family for many, many years.  The mirror that you see has been three different colors {I couldn’t make up my mind. Thank goodness for spray paint!} and a few décor items have been added! Here we are now…



See the ever-changing mirror below: First, the original brown color. Then, the gold welcomed itself in around Christmastime. And now, it’s a khaki/tan color. Hopefully it will stay that way for awhile because I don’t need to buy another can of spray paint!




I added some plates to the wall and love them! I found them at Marshall’s.



I got a little ahead of myself, but decided to sew myself a burlap table runner.  It actually worked out really well considering I just figured it out as I went.  Thankful for my sewing machine I got for Christmas!


And, to top it off I found these silk hydrangeas at JoAnn’s for half off. Then, I used a coupon for an additional 20% off my total purchase! YES-I love me some sweet deals. I added them to Kyle box made last fall.



Hoping you are having a great week! We attended our church’s marriage conference this past weekend. The title of the conference was called – UNCOMMON.  We learned how God has designed us as believers to have a marriage that is UNCOMMON and glorifying to him! {Ephesians 5}. It was a great opportunity to renew our perspective and get to serve other couples at our church!


Hope you are having a great week!