Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Corn Hole Boards

Thanks guys for your feedback about our backyard patio. You guys made our day!

I wanted to mention a new adventure we’ve been on lately.  Before Christmas, we got the chance to make a few custom Cornhole Boards (or Bean Bag Toss) games for some friends, family & neighbors. I mentioned it earlier, but wanted to give an update and show some recent pics.


{Custom Camo Boards}



{Custom College Boards}




{Custom Striped Boards}



{Custom Stained Boards}



To order, leave a message or contact us at

Monday, January 14, 2013

THE Patio Project

I think it’s okay to say that we recently completed the BIGGEST project on the house to date. And, we’re SO glad it’s done!


Welcome to our new patio!


What we THOUGHT would be a 1 day project costing $XXX, ended up being a 1 WEEK project costing $XXXX. Yikes. So much for budgeting, right?!


But, thankfully it’s done- it’s awesome - and, it was worth every penny!



I have to give every ounce of credit to my handy husband – the creative brain behind this adventure. 

PicMonkey Collage

BEFORE, we had a typical concrete slab…


We purchased the bricks at Home Depot. They are called “Rumblestone.” Since we both drive small SUV’s, it took approximately 15 trips to 4 different Home Depot’s in Dallas to gather all the bricks we needed for this project.  {Total # of bricks we used was approximately 1500 – I sorta lost count after awhile} 





Oh – and did I mention we chose to complete this project on the coldest week ever?! {Hence- the gloves, hats, scarves and 12 layers of clothing we have on in these pics}

It also rained in the middle of the project… causing a few delays.



We rented a stone saw from Home Depot to make exact cuts of the bricks.





We used cedar 4x4’s for the benches.  Sanded, sealed and stained them. 



Almost done… then, we took a bag of sand and spread it onto the entire surface filling in the cracks between the bricks. 


And, FINALLY – it was done! {With the exception of new outdoor furniture, a cedar wood fence to replace the chain-link & a few other small touches to complete the space.}


The plan is to make a square cedar table to fit on top of the fire pit.  This would allow it to be multi-functional- doubling as an outdoor eating area in the spring/summer & firepit in the fall/winter.


Our prayer is that this new outdoor living area would be a warm and inviting place to gather with friends,  family & neighbors.  That it would help encourage deep conversations and meaningful memories – and, so far it’s been completed for one full week & it’s already done just that! There’s something about a campfire, roasting marshmallows, sipping on a warm drink while wrapped in a blanket that brings out the best in us all. You know what I mean?!

Thanks to our sweet parents for the countless Home Depot gift cards we received this Christmas! Maybe, soon I’ll remember to actually take some photos when people are over for you all to see.  Then, you’ll get to see that fire pit in action!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013

Cannot believe its a NEW YEAR and 2012 has been checked off the calendar. Wow! 

I've been blasting this song around the house and in the car lately and just wanted to share it with you.  Have you heard it? It's called Awakening and it's awesome. 

And if you have more free time- you should listen to our church's speaker from this past week at Watermark. It was a great message. Kyle and I walked away super convicted and challenged. 
From the Bunny Slope to Double Black: Taking the Next Step in Your Relationship with Christ | Blake Holmes:           
Watermark Community Church | Media
Happy 2013!