Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fruit Loops & Rainbows

I've decided that as I learn & grow in my career as a Speech Therapist, I want to be consistently creative. I want to continually come up with new ideas for therapy & always keep it fun (for the kids & for me!)  So, as I "challenge" myself to think outside the box, I'm going to share some of my ideas on this blog.  It's mostly so that I can keep record of what I've done in therapy with my clients, but it's also to share with others! Maybe some of you out there are therapists, teachers, or you name it and maybe you can use some new ideas for your therapy or classroom, too!

These "ideas" were super easy & fun activities for the week! And, even better...they are all homeade. :) Here is what we did for our "Rainbow Week":

First, we SORTED the fruit loops into different colors.

Next, we organized the rainbow pictures from SMALLEST to LARGEST & vice versa.
 (For a few of my younger kiddos, I simplified this activity by having them arrange only 3 rainbow pictures.)

Finally, we made Fruit Loop Rainbows!

These activities were perfect because I was able use them for pretty much all of my clients to address each of their goals. This makes planning & preparing materials for the week super easy! Here are a few of the things we "learned" while making Fruit Loop Rainbows:

1. We learned a little bit about CATEGORIES and COLORS.  Splitting them all up into different groups according to the fruit loop's color.
2. We learned about SAME and DIFFERENT.  They are all the same because they are all fruit loops, but they are different because they are different colors.
3. We practiced ARTICULATION for various phonemes such as /k/ /g/ /s/ and many others in between gluing fruit loops onto our rainbow.
4. We practiced COUNTING the fruit loops
5. We answered SPATIAL questions such as, "Which color of the rainbow is ABOVE/BELOW the green?" or "Which color of the rainbow is at the BOTTOM/TOP? " "What color fruit loops comes FIRST/NEXT/ LAST?"
6. We learned to put pictures in order by size from little to big.

If you have any fun ideas involving educational activities please share them! I love keeping it fun & different. Some of my favorites include: crafts, games, food & snacks, music and more... I would LOVE to hear what your ideas are, too!

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