Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day in Florida

The hubs & I had a blast in Florida over Labor Day Weekend celebrating our 1 year anniversary! I'm beginning to think that it was a GENIUS idea to get married over Labor Day Weekend. Since we have a holiday on Monday, we will always have a 3 day weekend to celebrate our anniversary!

However, there is one little thing that just might get in the way of our anniversary celebrations later on down the road....  This thing is called "Opening Weekend for Dove Hunting Season" which just so happens to be Labor Day Weekend, every year. So, with that being said, Mr. Phillip, I really appreciate you spending your weekend with your wife of 1 year. :) To my dad, brother & all of my husband's friends who invited him to go dove hunting this year...SORRY! :)

We'll see what happens next year & the year after that... hmm....

We actually didn't take many pictures of our trip, but here are a few from my phone:

We had a blast laying on the beach in Fort Lauderdale & we loved DisneyWorld!
It was a perfect anniversary weekend!  

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