Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chi-town Christmas!

I know I am waaaay behind, here. However, I have this OCD-ness in me that makes me post things in sequential order. So, since I haven't posted at all about Christmas, here it is...

We spent Christmas in Chicago this year!
We always love visiting Chi-town & we had a great time. 
 Only one thing that was a dissapointment: It didn't snow.
This Texas girl was bummed.

While we were there, we went downtown to see the city at Christmas- its always fun walking the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue.

Marilyn Monroe statue by the Trinity River

Outside the Lego Store

The City in Legos!

Stopped at Ghiradelli, of course..

Enjoying my White Chocolate Mocha

We loved seeing both the Phillips and the Moore sides of the family over Christmas! We were able to get a picture with Papa Moore and the Souders family. We missed having Nana with us on Christmas Eve, but it sure was fun visiting with her the day before!

Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of the Phillip time!

It makes me laugh just thinking about family traditions at Christmas time-- if you have ever celebrated a holiday with my family, you know that pictures are a BIG DEAL! In fact, if you don't take a picture at every  Christmas gathering with each individual family and then again with the whole family together (using the tri-pod, of course!) then you have officially ruined the holiday...haha. Okay, maybe not totally ruined, but you've at least put a damper on it because pictures are just the most important thing! 

Well, remember that one time I got married & change my last name? Now that I am a part of another wonderful family, I've learned that not all families are as crazy about pictures as mine.. haha. Actually, I don't know if there are ANY families out there that love taking pictures more than my family does! post, our Christmas in the {325} with lots of pictures included :)

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