Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope eveyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day! We enjoyed our little holiday at home...we usually don't go all out for Valentine's, but we also love having an excuse to celebrate something. It seems to makes life more fun if you get to celebrate the little things in life every once in awhile. :)

We made a stellar dinner - or, maybe I should say Kyle made the "stellar" part of the dinner which was fresh salmon cooked out on the grill on a cedar plank. YUM. I prepared the sides (rice, veggies & crescent rolls - Thanks Amy!)

After dinner, I made some Double Chocolate Chip Cookies to give away to my clients tomorrow! (Even though it will be one day late..oops!) These cookies are SO GOOD..let me know if you're interested in the recipe & I'll send it to ya!

Happy Valentine's Everyone!

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