Sunday, March 25, 2012

Guest Bedroom!

Here is the first room in the house that is complete (for now, at least!)
Our Guest Room!

This is one of my favorite rooms in the house. Wanna know why? The majority of the items you see in this room have a story behind them...

The quilt is one my Grandmommy had at her house
 I love the coral and bright colors.

This little green dresser came from Grandmommy's too...I didn't do anything to it, except for put a coat of Polyurethane over it to protect the finish.  I fell in LOVE with this cute little thing.
Isn't it awesomely green & perfect?

The headboard also came from her house (actually, from her garage).
I gave it a fresh coat of spray paint & DONE!

I love this wall! The frame with the green background & quilt piece came from my Mom and Grandma.  The little green cross was handmade and I purchased it while I was in Honduras serving the deaf population alongside an organization called, Signs of Love. If you would like to see more information, click on the "Crosses" Tab on their webpage!

The quilt was my Mema's (my Great Grandmother) and when she passed away, the girls in the family cut apart and made these shadow box frames with the quilt.
  There is a little poem at the bottom that reads,

"Our grandma's quilt, now patched and torn
 With holes that loving care has worn;
We couldn't bear to throw away
Once seams had pulled, ripped and frayed.
So tenderly we snipped and sewed
A new creation from the old -
It's ready to love now, good as new;
We saved the memories just for you." 

The bedside tables are halfway there...Still working on one. However, to tie in the blue - I found this fabulous table cloth at Target (on sale!), so I added it into the room.  It's another bold pattern, but I like it altogether!

The other bedside table is still in the works. For now, I'm using a little wicker basket...but I am hoping to replace it with the perfect little thrift-store-furniture-find!
Just haven't found the perfect one, yet!

At one of my wedding showers, I received some beautiful handkercheifs from some of the Phillip women - one of them is draped over the wicker basket. Sorta cute? I'm sure it will looks much cuter on my perfect little thrift-store-find bedside table...that I haven't found yet!

Here is a view from the other side of the room. You can see our room across the hall!
Hiiii! :) 

Another great aspect of this room (and, the whole house) is the big walk-in closet that houses allll of my therapy materials and arts & crafts! It's so great to be able to have a place for these things rather than having them hidden/stuffed under the bed or buried in a storage room.

Here are a few BEFORE pics of this room. Before it was called the, "Peter Rabbit Room." The people before us had a super adorable nursery in this room for their baby.  We liked it & we really admired the amazing murals on the walls. Someone very talented put in some hard work into these. We kinda felt bad painting over it all, but we just felt that it was probably best for Peter Rabbit to go instead of staring down our guests while they slept at night. HA!

The nursery - before we moved in:

We've had a few visitors lately, which has been SO fun!
More on that coming soon!

Come visit us, please! :)


  1. So, so, SO beautiful!! I love the paint color, the amazing furniture pieces that you so carefully put all looks amazing ;)

  2. Bethany, your guest room looks so cozy and inviting. You inspired me to get all the junk moved out of ours last night and get organized. I love all the family touches you were able to add. Isn't that family furniture the best??

  3. I love it! You did such a great job Beth! I really like that paint color too...can't wait to come over and see it!