Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The past few weekends, we've had some wonderful people come stay with us!
First, my parents & brother came to try out our new guest room and celebrate the last weekend of Mom's spring break.

We stayed up late playing games...

(Not sure why my picture didn't load completely? Sorry!)

Went to church @ Watermark!

And, some of my extended family came over for the day!
Those of you who couldn't come, we missed you! 
(Baylor Men's Basketball played later that evening. Can you tell? Ha!)

A few days ago, our cousins, Jamey and Jane Phillip came to stay with us from Chicago! They used to live in Plano, so they came back for the weekend to visit some old friends & hang out.  They are so wonderful. I wish they lived closer! Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of us altogether! So, Jane..if you're reading this, send me the group pic you have of all of us together & I'll put it on here! :)

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  1. Bethany!!! I've been meaning to email you with that picture of us cousins! I'm so sorry for the delay! We absolutely loved staying with ya'll and spending good ole cousin time!!! WIsh we could've spent time together when we were actually in Dallas! Anywhoo, would love to get your email address to send you those picture! Miss ya'll!!