Friday, March 9, 2012

Sweet Surprise!

Our Year & a half anniversary was this week!

I love having an excuse to celebrate something, so I was hoping to make a big deal out of our anniversary weekend. So, to celebrate, we had planned to have a little getaway & go camping somewhere. I guess we have been spoiled with great AWESOME weather lately, and we were kind of expecting another weekend of sunshine with 75 degree days. Welllll,  reality kicked in on Thursday and the temperatures dropped from the 70's and 80's to the 40's and 50's. What? It's not supposed to be in the 70's in March? Okay then March, if you're not going to be warm and pretty, will you at least bring us some snow? Oh, and let it stick to the ground this time, please! get the point. The weather took a turn for the worse, so we canceled our camping trip/getaway weekend.  So, instead, we decided to stay home & pull out the projects around here to try to get stuff done around the house.

Thursday evening, I arrived home. Kyle had already gotten home for the day.  He told me he had a surprise for me! Woa...I love surprises. Him, not so much...But, I love them!

He went out to the garage to his Jeep & brought in a box that looked like this:


I opened the box & found beautiful light blue Hydrangas! They are lovely! I was so pumped...I love putting out fresh flowers around our little house. And, he has been listening to me say that I would like to do that sometime soon! :) What a guyyyyy.

Here they are around our house!

Love 'em!


  1. Love your home Bethany!! Hope you guys are doing well!!

  2. Your home looks so pretty in the background! Love the flowers too :) Way to go Kyle!

  3. Way to go Kyle! I love the way you arranged them around the house, Bethany!