Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Cozy Home

As promised, I decided to post a few pictures of our cozy little home on the blog! My mom helped us move in, but the last she saw -- our apartment was in a state of DISATER! So, she has been wondering if it looks any better now than it did before. And, my mom-in-law is in Chicago, which, by the way- is entirely too far away from Dallas, but I know she likes to see where her son and daughter-in-law are living! (Actually, these pictures are to prove that we don't just live in a tent! If Kyle had it his way, he would LOVE to camp out every night...haha!) I hope you enjoy the tour! It's small and cozy, but we love it & it works for least for 12 months it will work for us. :)

Here we go.....the front door....WELCOME!

The's so tiny....but it works great!

The living area....

The living area, looking in from the balcony...

Our bedroom...

We LOVE the map! All the places we have been are pinned....I'm looking forward to adding some new pins this summer after our Alaska trip!

And last, but not least......drumroll.......the laundry room! I LOVE having a laundry room. It is the most wonderful thing in the world! I found this ELFA shelving unit at a garage sale--it is awesome for extra storage!

And, the best part of the laundry room is our NEW washer & dryer......yipee! These make laundry fun. :)

Well, that just about sums up the tour of our cozy home.  I hope you enjoyed it! Please come visit!


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  1. Bethany Kate.. I love your new home - it is so cute!! & I may have to try out this whole blogging thing :) We will just say you inspire me love you!

    Courtney Rebekah