Thursday, April 5, 2012

Timber Part 1 {My Lumberjack Husband}

When we purchased our house a few months ago, we had no idea that we were inheriting three old (dead & hazardous) trees with it.
Apparently, we have learned (thanks to our neighbors & the tree guys) that the trees we have in our backyard & side yard are called, “Box Elders.” These grow naturally in this area down by the creeks and lakes. So, back in 1962, when our house was built, the owners decided it would be a GREAT idea to dig up some trees by the creek and re-plant them in our yard. I’m sure at the time it was a genius idea because they got themselves some free trees. We all love free things around here…. BUT, these Box Elder trees grow really quickly and then die quickly, too. And, when they start to die, these not-so-lovely red bugs come in to eat away at the bark & live in the trees… We’ve been told that when the weather gets cold, those not-so-lovely red bugs decide to go inside where its warm, which would be our house!

 Um, No Thank You!!!!
So, in order to solve the problem of the Box Elder Trees & Bugs, we only had 1 solution. That was to chop them down. I know, it was sad. But, in order to keep our house safe from the trees possibly falling & in order to keep bugs OUT, we had to.
Sorry to all environmentalists out there!
My handy husband got right to work. The tree in the side yard was not quite as big as the other two in the back. Being the lumberjack that he is, he took it on himself! Ha!

And, here is the video of the actual falling. We were risking it a LITTLE since our house was inches away and our neighbor's fence was literally right next to it.  Fortunately, the tree missed both of those things on it's way down!

Up next will be the adventure we had with the other two trees in the backyard!
Stay tuned.

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  1. haha! love the video :) aren't you glad you bought a home!! So many fun things to do! We have a dead tree in our future back yard...may hire Kyle to come take care of it!