Thursday, May 17, 2012

Refinished Bedside Table

A few weeks ago, I found this lovely little bedside table at a local thrift shop down the street.  All of the shop’s furniture that day was 50% off, so I picked this up for only $20!



After a little bit of sanding & a few coats of paint…it looked like new! And, even better, I already had the paint, so it was no extra cost!

After shots of my lovely little bedside table:


I’m really liking this green color scheme.  Thanks to my sweet friend Amy for the new Pottery Barn lampshade! It ties in so well with my grandmother’s green chest of drawers.


I also changed out the knobs on the drawers.  I also already had these knobs from a previous item of furniture that I’m no longer using, so I put them on the drawers! I thought it was pretty great that this wasn’t an additional cost. {Kyle thought that was great, too. Ha!}


And, here’s our finished Guest Room! You can read more about our Guest Bedroom if you click HERE!

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  1. really really pretty!! i need to shop thrift stores more often!!