Monday, July 16, 2012

DIY {No Sew!} Pillow

I  don’t sew.  And, it doesn’t help that I don’t own a sewing machine.

Although, I wish I could sew & I wish I had a sewing machine…. but, for today, that’s not the case.

Maybe a sewing machine will be on my Christmas list?!

We will see.


So, to problem solve, we had to get a little creative last week when I found this a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. fabric on sale at Hancock’s & decided to make a pillow for the guest bedroom.  Thanks to my sweet Momma, (who was here taking care of me after my day surgery!) and thanks to a great no-sew pillow tutorial from pinterest, we were able to put our heads together and figure it out!


This project was really easy and fast, too!

To make mine, I followed the tutorial from Centsational Girl, except I completely sealed my fabric around the pillow instead of just making a pillow cover.  And, I used actual fabric instead of fabric napkins.   I used fusible web that I found from JoAnn’s to seal the edges of the pillow.  To strengthen the seam, be sure to get fusible web that is wide to allow for stronger hold.  I also used fabric that is very durable.  I would recommend the same if you use the fusible web for the seams. 

You’ll also need a moist washcloth, scissors and an iron to seal the edges.  Follow the directions on the fusible web package for the seams.

Here is the fusible web seam finished…


After I finished the seam on 3 of the edges, I turned my pillow cover back out and stuffed my pillow in.  I was going to hand-stitch the last edge, but instead I decided to try something else… hot glue! Ha!


Yep, I used hot glue for the last seam on the pillow! And, to my surprise, it worked wonders!

Below is the hot glue seam…


not too bad, eh?!


After Mom and I did a little happy dance , we set it on the guest bed and admired our new little perfect pillow. I love the stripes!



And if you’ve been over to our house lately or you read my previous Guest Bedroom post, you’ll know that I’ve made a few changes in this room! I’ll share them later this week!


  1. How cute! You will have to teach me :)

  2. I continue to be amazed at how crafty you are! You should just start making all your gifts from now on- no need to buy anything! You're too talented. :)

  3. It looks great! I believe this is going to be a project in my future!!!(: