Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guest Bedroom {Updates!}

I’ve made a few little changes lately to our Guest Bedroom as we’ve gotten settled in our little house. A few of the items that were in this room originally were needed in the extra bedroom/office.  (I need to show pictures of the office, too! Ah!) You can see the original guest bedroom post, here. 

With a few small changes, I would like to welcome you to our new & improved Guest Bedroom…


I must say, I’m diggin’ the bold navy and green color scheme… It just kind of happened, I didn’t actually plan it that way, but I Love it!


I found this incredibly cute rug at Marshall’s (my go-to discount store that is literally in my neighborhood!) 

So, I guess you could say it’s the rug’s fault that everything in here changed! HA!


I used a Pottery Barn birthday gift card to buy the new navy button pillows.  The green striped pillow is a recent project I conquered that involved no sewing! (And, the fabric was on sale too..I already had the pillow, so the project was a total of like $6!) To see the post, scroll down the page or click here. 



The green dresser came straight from my grandmother’s storage closet (I didn’t change a thing except re-finish the original hardware!)

I love the picture of my family from this Easter in the bluebonnets!

And, I made the navy polka-dot wreath & burlap bow from fabric I already had, my husband’s old  dress shirt, and a straw wreath I picked up for 25 cents at a garage sale!



My sweet friend, Amy, gave me the green Pottery Barn lampshade! I picked up the lamp base at a thrift store for $4 and spray painted it brown.  See that project, here.

I refinished the white bedside table, here, and bought it 50% off at a thrift shop! I painted the verse canvas in high school, and decided to include it in the room.


Wheww… lots of projects to make this room come together. I’m tired just typing all of that!

Here’s a look at the other side of the room..



I used this desk in college and added it to this room when we brought back Kyle’s desk from Chicago for our office. 

That is also a picture of my wonderful in-laws at Lake Geneva over the Fourth of July this summer!


The chest in the picture above is probably the most-talked about item in our entire home! This is the “traveling must-haves” kit or the “I can’t believe I forgot _______(fill in the blank)” kit for our guests to use when they’re visiting us! My sweet Mom gave me the adorable chest for my birthday and I filled it with items that I always forget when I’m on a trip.  So, I figured if anyone else in this world is like me, then this kit will come in handy while they are visiting us!

It consists of the following items currently:

Water bottle

Vitamin Water

2 wash clothes

2 toothbrushes

lint roller


body wash

body lotion


Burts Bee’s Chapstick

band aids

wet ones


contact solution


Orbit gum

We actually picked up some of these items along the way at hotels for free (shhh don’t tell our guests!)… but, many of them I already had & added to the kit, or I picked up in the travel section at Target.  I’m sure there are many other items you could include,  as well! So, if you decide to create a kit of  your own, comment below and tell me what you put in your guest kit! I’d love to find out!!!



Hope you love our new guest room! Thanks so much for stopping by to check it out.

Hopefully, you can see that pretty much everything in this room was given to us,  bought at a thrift store & refinished, or is just hand made! Decorating doesn’t have to break the bank… it can be inexpensive & fun all at the same time. Plus, your home will be unique to you because of all the personal touches!  It may require a bit of extra elbow-grease, but in the end it makes you appreciate what you have & has a story behind it!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. looks great so happy for u all, papi gator

  2. looks great happy for u both papi Gator

  3. Bethany, this room is SO CUTE! I want it to be my every-day room! You are incredibly crafty and thrifty. :)

  4. The guest kit is so thoughtful and sweet. Such a cute place to stay :)

  5. I love the guest kit!!!! Its adorable!!! And i love how you've made/put everything together your own special way!!

  6. Omg! I love the guest kit! Totally putting this in the guest bedroom!!!!(:

  7. LOVE the guest basket - Can I come spend the night just so I can use it!! So so cute!