Monday, April 9, 2012

Timber Part 2 {The Tree Guys}

The story of our Box Elder trees continues. To see how we brought down Tree #1, click here. (If the video tells you it is unavailable, sorry! I’m not sure why it’s doing that.)

To give you all a re-cap, we inherited these old trees with the house when we bought it back in December.  These trees are close to their end & are beginning to attract these little red bugs that are now all over the backyard. Ewww. These bugs eat away at the wood & decide to come inside when it gets cold outside. Ewww again! So, in order to protect our house (in case the trees collapsed during a crazy thunderstorm) and keep the bugs out, we had to get rid of them… Sad day, I know.

Instead of demo-ing the trees ourselves, which we considered (bad idea), we decided to have a few estimates done and have them taken down professionally.  The trees were hanging over house and close to some power lines.  We decided it wasn’t worth risking our lives to take these big guys down. 

Here’s our backyard before. Yep, those are the trees.

I know they don’t look dead, but they’re getting close.


We made the decision & chose to work with Elite Tree Service in Dallas.  They did an excellent job.  They gave us the lowest quote, which is why we chose them.  (Sidenote: To take these trees down, haul off the wood & grind the stumps these places were charging over $1000 dollars! Can you believe that? We weren’t too prepared for the cost, but we knew it had to be done. Ouch!)

The day the tree guys came, I was planning on leaving around 10:30 to see a few kiddos for appointments that day.  However, the tree guys showed up around 8:30 and got right to work.  As they worked, they  up put all the tree limbs in the driveway, which meant I couldn’t get my car out of the garage. AWESOME. Looked like I was staying home for the day…at least until they finished.

Since Kyle was at work, I wanted to document this big project…so I went to the back alley with myself, the camera & an ice chest full of water bottles (for the workers) and began taking some pics.  I’m sure I know it was awkward, but I didn’t care. HA! I thought, “I’m paying THIS much money, I’m at least going to watch them do this & document for my husband to see!” So, I did. I a few pictures…awkwardly.

Then, the owner of the company pulled up. I guess he was coming to supervise his workers or something. He saw me taking pictures and he asked if I would send him my pictures so he could update his website. He offered to give us a discount as a “Thank you” for taking pictures!   I told him I was NOT a professional at all, but he still wanted my pictures. 


So, I got to work taking lots and lots of pictures. Anything for a discount, right?!?

It was pretty interesting watching them work.  Each branch was tied with a rope.  After they used the chainsaw to cut it off,  the rope caught the branch & then they would lower it down slowly.  Thanks, tree guys for protecting our house. Ya’ll are pretty good at what you do.

IMG_7963 - CopyIMG_8006IMG_8063




I liked this sequence of pictures..




They also grinded up the branches with this awesome contraption. Not sure what this machine is called, but it was intense:



So, a few days after they finished, it turns out that the Tree service owner decided he didn’t want the pictures after all. Bummer. All of that for nothing.  And, now I have hundreds of pictures of random guys cutting down our trees.  GREAT. What am I supposed to do with all of these pictures? Ha. I guess I’ll just put them on this blog for you all to see….


Thanks anyway, Elite Tree Service.



Coming up next…Stump Grinding.

I know you just can’t wait to see that post. Haha. Stay tuned!

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