Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Timber Part 3 {Stump Grinding}

To complete our 3 part series, I present to you our final post involving our trees (for now, at least!) Ha!

Click here to read about Part 1 and click here to read about Part 2 of our Timber adventures of our dead old trees.


I told you that we hired out a tree company to remove the trees in the backyard.  They initially gave us pretty pricey quote to remove the trees, haul it all away & grind the stumps.  We knew it had to be done, so we decided to go for it. However, Kyle works with a buddy who also had to have some tree stumps grinded at his house.  They did some research and found out that a “stump grinder” can actually be rented for the day from Home Depot. Who knew?! So, they spent last weekend (all day on Saturday) grinding the tree stumps. 

This was no easy task. Apparently the stump grinder machine was quite the monster.  I heard Kyle’s friend say at one point, “I’m not sure what wrestling an alligator would feel like, but I’m pretty sure it’d be like this..”

Here are a few pictures from the day!


Stump #1



Stump #2



And the fun begins:


IMG_8242 - CopyIMG_8243





Our backyard before:



Our Backyard After:


(If you look closely, you can see that we planted a NEW little tree!)


Thanks for reading about our trees!


  1. Wow! How much does it cost to rent the stump grinder - we'll be doing this soon! We have one dead tree that I think lauren can cut down himself - it's not big. So glad you shared this!

  2. Kyle said it cost $130 for the entire day....but, it was MUCH less expensive if you only need it for 4 hours. So much fun! :)