Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another Year to Celebrate!


This weekend my parents came to visit to celebrate Father’s Day & my Birthday!


My parents and husband know that even though I’m turning 26, inside I still LOVE opening presents like a 6 year old girl… so they piled them on! {We also didn’t have any candles to blow out… so I blew out the candle sitting in front of me. Ha!}



We celebrated Father’s Day, too! 

fathers day

I got my Dad a something that he has ALWAYS wanted, a sailboat…..


Alright, well it’s actually a sailboat KITE that apparently doesn’t fly very well.  So we had to get a little creative…


Over the weekend, we went to play Top Golf! While we were there, we also played bean bag toss…which Dad loved! So, Kyle and Dad decided to make their own bean bag toss games. I’m thankful to have such a handy husband and dad! They built the boards while Mom and I searched all afternoon for official size bean bags. (You can find them at Dick’s Sporting Goods, by the way!)






Tonight, we’re having our community group over for a Birthday Bash! We’re going to eat watermelon (in honor of Juneteenth!) and homemade ice cream (my favorite!) while playing bean bag toss on this beautiful day … Can’t wait!

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